NOW: Pensions tax top-up scheme 2020-2021

Making sure you don’t miss out on tax relief

Because we operate a net pay scheme, pension contributions come out of your pay before income tax is taken off. Taxpayers get automatic tax relief but if you don’t pay tax you don’t get any tax relief – so the amount added to your pension savings in the Scheme is lower than if you were a taxpayer.

Our promise to you

If you haven’t paid tax on any of your UK earnings, we promise to top up your pension savings by the amount of tax relief you’ve missed out each tax year.

What’s the threshold?

If you earned less than £12,500 in total earned income for the 2020-2021 tax year, you may be losing out on a small amount of tax relief.

We can’t make the payment directly to you, so you’ll also need to give HM Revenue & Customs permission to tell us about your tax situation. You can do this on the claim form. We’ll do the rest.

If your claim is successful, we will add this money to your pension savings. Remember, if the money is credited to your pension savings, you won't be able to access it until you're aged at least 55.

Apply today

To apply for your tax top-up for
2020-21, please fill in our claim form.